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I want to DJ as the Whitest Girl Alive!

Hey there dear followers and other Tumblrs,

I’m competing in a DJ contest so I can play at the Dutch festival ‘De Zon’ (meaning the Sun). It’s always been a dream of mine to spin the records that I like the most and now I finally have the chance! Only one step away, I just need Facebook likes and it’s really close with my fellow competitors. Could you guys help me by just clicking this link and liking the picture?!

Thank you so much for helping me achieving my dream :)

Why women don’t like it when their boyfriends watch porn.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t negative towards porn in any way.

I watch it with my boyfriend on a regular basis and alone, and I like watching it, alone or together. But when he tells me he jacked off last night, just sometimes I feel a bit sad, cause even though I know he loves my and my body to bits and there isn’t anything better to him.. just for a short while someone else was his person of desire and that hurts a bit :(

That’s why (I think) women get jealous over their boyfriend watching it, claiming: “Why would you watch it when you’ve got me?”





Albert Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers

how can you just scroll past this you can’t

i tried to but as you can see i couldnt

cannot ignore this post ok

i tried but i had to scroll back up

best photo

You can pretend like you don’t have problems, by lying to yourself or try to push them away, but it won’t make them go away.
At one point you’re going to have to deal with them or you won’t be truly happy in your life, even if you have everything your heart desires.
Start acknowledging them today and work on them tomorrow :) there is a solution to everything.

Shut your eyes so the heart may become your eye, and with that vision look upon another world.

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